Cercle Énergie
Web design - UI - Wordpress integration

Cercle Énergie

Cercle Énergie is a thermal renovation company who provides several products and services such as thermal insulation, heating systems installation,...

web logo design Cercle Énergie
mockup web UI design Cercle Énergie

Cercle Énergie had a really old Website and wanted a complete redesign. They wanted to use their new website to present the company business with a strong identity and as a new marketing tool to earn new clients. The design was made in tight collaboration with the marketing. The only lead provided by the client about their wishes was their logo. We submitted this proposition at the client.

web UI Front-end design Cercle Énergie

Cercle Énergie ask directly for some changes in colors scheme and illustrations in order to make the Website more "calm" and "classic". The blue color was reduced a lot and circles was not a desired pattern. Multiple photos and pictures were provided to replace the illustrations. The client wanted detoned colors to highlight their figures.

web design Cercle Energie

The design's integration into a Wordpress website was made, identical to the accepted graphical proposal with minor changes. The client has gone himself with some changes since.

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