About Kaiserinside…

...and a little bit about myself. Because a multimedia designer is also a person and a business, a real adventure!

I have imagined the Multimedia Design company, Kaiserinside, as a workplace that allows me to enjoy a freedom so hard to obtain working as an employee. From the beginning, I have wanted to highlight the ethic and the high esteem that I have toward my job. I have desired that this be felt by the works and the projects I propose through Kaiserinside.

I create a workspace to create.


Multimedia Designer
Web Designer
Art Director

Enthralled very early on by media, new technologies, cinema and arts, I studied Multimedia Design and Audiovisual Media. Successful in my studies and after a lot of mini-jobs and small projects that have given me a strong experience, I have created Kaiserinside.

I like the diversity of the tasks of which I have the responsibility and I enjoy to learn always more. I love create new experiences and search new solutions for the projects of my clients.

Pierre Kaiser

Date of Birth13/08/1981

ProfessionMultimedia Designer

Mastered SoftwaresAdobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft Office, Google Sketchup, Kerkythea...

Programming languagesHtml5, CSS3, LESS, SCSS, SASS, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax,...

HobbiesCinema, Arts, New Media, New Technologies, Video games, the Web, Advertising, Communication,…

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