The services which I offer

I propose a wide range of services and, being multitalented, I can adapt myself to your project whatever your needs, desires and requirements are.

Visual Identity

logo design

We outline together your current and future needs in terms of visual communication and I create or refresh your visual identity (logo, guidelines, charter etc) in accordance with your values, your purposes and the needs that we have defined. I advise you and achieve the different implementations of your visual identity to make your communication strategy the most efficient possible.

Web design

web design

With you, I elaborate your website, starting from the graphic identity and ending with the online release. I code and integrate all the media you need in order to shape not only a presence, but a real identity on the web. I take care also to adapt your website on mobile and Tablet (responsive design) focusing on ergonomics and usability.

Print Design

graphic design print

I create your communication materials destined to be printed in order to affirm your visual identity and/or set your communication strategies. Visiting cards, flyers, posters, I also edit magazines, books, resumés, packaging and I produce computer graphics for a wide variety of purposes: plans, infographics, 3d computer graphics, 3d plans etc.

Why work with me?

  • Being versatile and having the required technical capabilities and knowledge of communication, I’m able to prepare or easily create your visual identity with its present and future applications in mind.
  • For the same reasons, I can pass smoothly from one media to another.
  • Due to my multimedia knowledge, I’m able to propose to you the most adequate media to your communication and visual strategies.
  • Most of the time, I dedicate myself to one project at once (subject to well-respected planning and deadlines!) so I’m totally available for your project and work actively and exclusively on its achievement.

Why working with
a professional freelance ?

Unlike the service provided by the agencies, you have total access to the creator who works on your project! No more intermediaries, one representative and therefore time saving, more flexibility and the promise of an entirely customized service.

A Professional freelance? So the advantages and the know-how that you would have in an agency but without the structural costs. That affects the price!

In general, an agency cannot afford a follow-up equivalent to a freelancer’s. If you want real support beyond the accomplishment of your project, the “professional freelance” option should be your first choice!

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