Agence des rêves
Web design - UI - Art Direction

Agence des rêves

Agence des rêves is a digital marketing company that offers different services such as consulting, content creation, SEO, Ads campaigns, training courses, … The client came to me for her website’s redesign and reorganization.

web logo Agence des rêves
mockup web UI design Agence des rêves

In tight collaboration with the client, a Wireframe was built in order to proceed with the restructuration of the website’s content. There were no difficulties at this stage and the UX design has been the target of particular care.

web UI design Agence des rêves

The art direction has been performed pretty smoothly : colors, typography, iconography, style has been chosen really early in the process thanks to a presentations of diverse samples with dummy examples.

art direction Agence des rêves

One of the project’s biggest constrains was to make the web design and the UI design really simple because the client wanted to integrate it herself into her wordpress installation. It took to focus on using simple layout for the blocs, patterns and tokens design in order to maximize the ease of the integration. An illustrations collection has been provided to the client to help to harmonize the whole website.

web design ui ux Agence des rêves

After the project validation, documentation has been produced to assist the Agence des rêves’s team in the front-end integration process.

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